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Valhalla Koskenkorva, 35%, 70 cl.
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Valhalla Koskenkorva, 35%, 70 cl.

DKK 152.00
This Valhalla by Koskenkorva from Finland, is the epitome of a beautiful, delicious and fresh Becherovka. It is inspired by the strong character of the Nordic people, their vegetation and the harsh climate that they have to endure as well as the dramatic changes. 
The Valhalla by Koskenkorva is produced in the suburb of Ilmajoki in Koskenkorva by the Altia Group. Altia Corporation is owned by the Finnish state and represents many internationally known brands around the world.
Ilmajoki is high in northern Scandinavia in Finland. 
Already on the outside, this bold Valhalla by Koskenkorva liqueur impresses with its very modern and futuristic, matte black designer bottle. The Finns seem to be able to produce apparently not only fine liqueurs, but also have the right eye for detail. The bottle is decorated with a round, white greyish label, which carries something mystical in itself and gives that something special to this liqueur.
By opening a bottle of the powerful Valhalla by Koskenkorva a fresh, character-rich scent of a Nordic herbal blend escapes. Already now the smell senses are sharpened and the mouth-watering begins. By allowing this liqueur to linger for a few minutes in the glass, facets of citrus fruit and Wormwood can be discovered. 
On arriving in the mouth the Valhalla by Koskenkorva unfolds its full intensity. Here the Nordic spices show in a line with Angelica and Vermouth herbs again. Furthermore the taste is dominated by common Yarrow, perfected with fresh, juicy lemon fruit, some liquorice and various slightly bitter herbs and spices. 
The finish of the very popular Valhalla by Koskenkorva is fresh, pleasant, smooth and warm. 
This Valhalla by Koskenkorva gives everything that is hoped for from herb on the nose and on the taste buds, up to a fresh, spicy aftertaste. 
On top of that its attractive appearance draws attention. This Valhalla by Koskenkorva liqueur should not be missing in any bar and is listed in the Scandinavian countries on every menu. The Finns love it’s distinctive, powerful and yet fresh taste. Is also makes an exclusive and appreciated gift for special occasions. 
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